Thierry Lauwers often acts as a key not speaker at conferences and seminars. Below you will find an overview of the upcoming and past seminars.

21/10/2019Control and recovery in respect of local taxationRFRLLouvain-La-Neuve
21/11/2019Vacancy taxationSBM EscalaBruges
26/11/2019Vacancy taxationSBM EscalaBrussels
27/11/2019The new Code of RecoveryDie KeureGhent
23/01/2020VCIPVitislife / NepentheLuxembourg
18/11/2020Tax actuality in tax case lawBERAGhent


26/09/2019Tax deductibility of professional costsAcertaOudenaarde
16/09/2019Fiscal visitationUfinGhent
29/01/2019Annual overview of local taxesFHS OdiseeGhent
24/01/2019Annual overview of local taxesFHS OdiseeLaakdal
27/11/2018Vacancy taxationEscalaGhent
08/11/2018Vacancy taxationEscalaKortrijk
06/11/2018The STI and tax and social inspection visit, what now?AcertaGhent
20/06/2018CryptocurrencyRotary Bruxelles VésaleBrussels
13/06/2018Tax inspectionUtopixGhent
28/05/2018Vacancy taxationEscalaAntwerp
24/05/2018Webinar ‘The Special Tax Inspectorate visits’ SecurexBrussels
16/05/2018Local and regional taxes to counter vacated housing.Colloque Revue de fiscalité locale et régionale Louvain-La-Neuve
08/05/2018VAT and Debt collectors Die KeureKortrijk
04/05/2018You have more tax rights than you think – Annual Review Tax Law Jurisprudence 2017 International Club of FlandersGhent
18/04/2018Cryptocurrency Cercle ULBBrussels
06/03/2018Tax inspection UtopixBruges
05/03/2018Vacancy taxation EscalaAntwerp
26/02/2018Trends in tax audits UtopixMarke (Kortrijk)
29/01/2018Annual overview of local taxesFHS OdisseeGhent
30/05/2017Guidance on local taxesVanden Broele PublishersLeuven
25/04/2017Seminar Sustainable Real Estate Belgium 2017SPRYGBrussels
24/11/2016Local and regional taxesSyntraRoeselare
10/11/2016Local and regional taxesSyntraRoeselare
19/10/2016Guidance on local taxesVanden Broele PublishersAalst
31/05/2016Taxation 2016: 5 important aspects
24/05/2016Taxation 2016: 5 important aspectsSecurexSint-Martens-Latem
18/05/2016Taxation 2016: 5 important aspectsSecurexHasselt
12/05/2016Taxation 2016: 5 important aspectsSecurexAntwerp
22/02/2016EBA IV: what happens?IFEAntwerp
12/01/2016Local commercial establishments: financial and fiscal consequences in a rowEBPBrussels
03/12/2015Local and regional taxesEscalaZwijnaarde
26/11/2015Local and regional taxesEscalaZwijnaarde
23/11/2015Measures against tax fraud: state of affairsSecurexHasselt
12/11/2015Measures against tax fraud: state of affairsSecurexNazareth
10/11/2015Measures against tax fraud: state of affairsSecurexLeuven
09/11/2015Measures against tax fraud: state of affairsSecurexAntwerp
01/10/2015Training Registration Taxes and Inheritance Taxes: practical experiences after january 2015Die KeureBerchem
17/06/2015Training Registration Taxes and Inheritance Taxes: practical experiences after january 2015Die KeureGhent
21/05/2015Rights and obligations of a taxable person during a fiscal visitationM&D SeminarsSint-Niklaas
26/03/2015Local and regional taxesLarcierBrussels
26/03/2015Local and regional taxesSyntraKortrijk
19/03/2015Local and regional taxesSyntraKortrijk
05/02/2015Vacancy taxationSyntraKortrijk